DIY Floral Monogram

The Source: The Cofran Home for Hometalk, plus about five broken Pinterest links

The Promise:

It is such a simple project that just looks way harder than it is!

My daughter’s preschool has a method of teaching letters that is shockingly effective – they go on and on about each kid’s “special letter” and it truly does teach the kids to associate sounds with letters. My daughter will stare at a G and mutter “g-g-g for Grant” as she puzzles out the sound.

Anyway, her special letter is R. And to that end, I’ve had this wooden R monogram sitting in her room for about three years, intending to do something with it. Okay, that’s not exactly true. I bought one, painted it, let it sit on some newspaper before it was dry, got newspaper stuck to it, decided I was too lazy to sand off the newspaper and repaint it, and bought another one.


Somewhere there is a minimalist no-waste reuse blogger sighing in disgust. I know. I’m the worst. I’m simultaneously the laziest and least laziest person on earth. I’m Schrödinger’s Sloth. The deadly sin, not the animal. I don’t think animals can actually be lazy.

Where were we?


Get one more bundle of flowers than you think you’ll need to complete the monogram, just in case you need to make edits. I started off with several of the large peachy roses interspersed with the small yellow roses, but quickly decided I didn’t like that arrangement.


I would recommend that all the flowers should be close to the same size to give that impression of rich fullness – the bigger roses looked odd next to the small ones.

After I ripped off most of the large roses (dang, hot glue is stronger than I thought!) I was far more happy with the composition. I wish I had purchased at least two similar colors of the smaller flowers.


Promise Kept?

This was indeed a simple project. I don’t know that anyone familiar with the workings of a hot glue gun would think it would be difficult. It’s sort of mindless and pleasant and the result is sweet.

Final Thoughts:

Perhaps this is just me being overly critical, but I’m kind of meh with this result. My R looks more like an A, so the style of letter (or the letter itself) is important. I also wasn’t very pleased with my yellow flower options at the store (and R specifically requested yellow so I was a bit stuck). It’s fine. It’s nice. I’m not going to redo it. It was cheap and fast and a perfectly enjoyable way to spend the morning.


And it looks nice on the wall! So – success!



Have a suggestion for Anna to try – recipe, craft, or project? Send me a message or leave it in the comments!

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