Peanut Butter Dog Bath

Let’s see what weird Google search results I get from that title, huh?

The Promise:

Smear peanut butter on the wall of your tub or shower and bathing your filthy dog will be simple!

The Source:

YouTube, Reddit

My dog likes to roll in dead stuff, what about yours? Especially dead cicadas. My lovable nitwit just loves a dead cicada. My dog is also very twitchy. No really, she’s on doggie Prozac. Which no one is shaming her about! Take your meds, everyone.

The filter I used to make my dog look cuter is making my bathroom floor look filthy. That’s just the tile, I swear!

The last time I needed to bathe her, I decided to try out this life hack. Willow doesn’t try to get away, but she tries her best to condense her body into a single point of energy, and I’m a little concerned she might create a black hole in the portion of spacetime that is my bathroom, and eventually then drag after her all of our known universe across the event horizon where my vanity used to be.

Peanut butter was applied. At first, Willow was ok with this.


But after the water was turned on, the licking stopped and the trembling began. And then when I was done I had to clean the bathroom.*

I always knew you’d try to eat me one day, hooman

I suspect this trick works best with the sort of big doofy dog who a) likes to jump out of the tub and distribute suds around the house and b) is food-motivated enough that all other stimuli vanishes in the face of delicious wall treats.

Promise kept? Kinda.

Even peanut butter can’t overcome my poor doggie’s lack of trust in my good intentions. It might work for you, though.



*By bathroom, I mean the square foot of space that contained peanut butter. Clean the whole bathroom? Ha ha, surely you jest!

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