Fluffy Rainbow Unicorn Slime

I’m fairly sure it wasn’t supposed to turn out like this.

The Source: Living Locurto

The Promise: 

An easy slime recipe for homemade fluffy slime that kids will love. It’s really the perfect kids craft!

My experience with slime is limited to the classic cornstarch-and-water recipe (I’m not trying to brag, but I did my 5th grade science project on non-Newtonian fluids so I’m basically an expert), but I’m willing to branch out, particularly in the service of things that are 1) not that messy 2) capable of occupying a four-year-old for at least long enough to me to get into an argument on Facebook clean the kitchen. I even watched the video on the website this time. Of course, I watched it only after our attempt went pretty much entirely wrong, but I am, even retrospectively, still confused as to why this failed to turn into a non-sticky fluffy ball but instead resolutely continued to resemble the Blob That Ate My Toddler.


Also apparently Borax is dangerous? There are an awful lot of disclaimers about the Borax and statements about its safety which almost made me a little worried to use it, even though I’ve used it before in homemade laundry soap*. As the site states, this can take trial and error, so I very carefully measured out the glue and the shaving cream, then ordered my child to a safe distance behind our home blast screen and carefully added the tiny amount of Borax specified by the recipe.


And it was a sticky mess.

I added a little bit more Borax.

Still sticky.

I added the barest whisper of additional Borax, a soupçon of Borax if you will.

“It’s getting everywhere, Mommy!” my kid shrieked.

I dumped in the rest of the Borax.


Well, whatever, I added the food coloring and just let her get it all over herself while I played on my phone cleaned the kitchen. She still had a great time.


I am thinking that I needed more shaving cream. Half a cup of glue is a whole medium-sized bottle, half a cup of shaving cream is less than one squirt. So my stickiness ratio may have been skewed right from the jump.

At this point the mixture is probably 85% borax, like it’s just straight borax

Another thing I didn’t like about this slime recipe is that it was really hard to clean up. I had to scrub to get it off both skin and furniture, and I can still see, as we speak, a bit of the “gooby” (as coined by my daughter) permanently embedded in the woodgrain of our kitchen table. If I were a more fastidious housekeeper, I’d probably be pretty perturbed by that.

All I’m saying is, cornstarch-and-water is easy, has cheaper materials, and it wipes up clean from the countertop.

That’s all I’m saying.




*Short answer: it works fine and is super cheap, but the clothes don’t smell as fresh and I stopped making it because it can clog your washer, although maybe that’s just what the cleaner industrial complex wants us to think.

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